Apex Legends fan compiles all clues for the Firing Range Easter egg hunt

The hunt continues.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends developers have been answering questions and sharing cryptic riddles about the Easter egg hidden in the battle royale’s Firing Range. For players having difficulty keeping track of all the clues, one fan bit the bullet for the greater good.

An Apex fan compiled all the evidence into one Reddit post yesterday, which tracks the clues Respawn developers Rayme Vinson and Chad Armstrong teased on Twitter.

Here are some of the top hints to help you find the elusive Easter egg.

Vinson revealed a riddle to help players figure out how to find the Easter egg

The Respawn developer claims there’s no sequence or crazy trick shots involved in finding the Easter egg. Apex players need “four simple things to be true,” according to the riddle, for the “thing” to happen. Vinson also includes a hidden word marked by six asterisks, which may hint at a six-letter action that must be completed.

Armstrong reworded the riddle

For fans confused by Vinson’s initial tweet, Armstrong added a mysterious riddle of his own—and it involves Alaska.

“There once was a man from Alaska,” the riddle begins. “‘Find my Easter egg’ was the challenge he did task ya. Which, in order to do, four simple things must be true. Then you ******, and the egg will be unmasked-uh.”

The six-asterisk word made a return in Armstrong’s tweet, but the variation didn’t prove any more revealing than Vinson’s riddle.

The Easter egg can be found without the help of teammates

Vinson was asked if three players were required to find the Easter egg and the dev responded with a gif of Danny DeVito shaking his head. This means that players can hit the Firing Range solo and find the hidden message on their own.

No specific legend is required

Screengrab via Twitter

Players began to think that only certain legends would be able to find the Easter egg. Pathfinder’s zipline mobility or Crypto’s drone would be perfect for hard-to-reach hidden messages. But when asked if a specific legend was needed, Vinson replied with an ambiguous “not really.” This also gives way to Vinson’s comment that a new account would be able to find the Easter egg just as easily as one with 10,000 hours played.

To continue the community effort to identify the Easter egg, fans are encouraged to comment on the Reddit post with any new findings they discover.