All care package weapons in Apex Legends

If you want these guns, you'll need to get a bit lucky.

Bangalore Apex Legends
Image via Respawn Entertainment

A fully-loaded weapon from a care package can make all the difference in a game of Apex Legends.

Weapons that spawn in care packages are different in each season of Apex, with certain guns being moved in and out of care package exclusivity every few months. It’s important to know which weapons are only found in care packages so you know to pick them up immediately when found.

Care packages have three different spawn periods within a game of Apex. Care packages spawn in round one two minutes and 30 seconds before the ring closes, in round two as the ring closes, and in round three as the ring closes.

There are always three items in a care package and the items are rolled randomly, so you could get a weapon or nothing but support items like armor, shields, backpacks, and weapon attachments.

Here are the weapons that are currently only available in care packages in Apex.

Apex Legends season 13 care package weapons

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
  • Volt SMG
  • Kraber Sniper
  • G7 Scout
  • Mastiff

Replicator-exclusive weapons in season 13

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
  • Rampage
  • R-301