All care package weapons in Apex Legends

If you want these guns, you'll need to get a bit lucky.

Bangalore Apex Legends
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A powerful supply drop weapon from a care package can make all the difference in a round of Apex Legends.

At the beginning of each Apex season, the development team cycles out the weapons contained within care packages and replaces some of them with new offerings. It’s important to know which weapons are only in care packages so you don’t go looking for something that isn’t currently in the floor loot pool.

Care packages have three different spawn periods within a game. Care packages in round one spawn two minutes and 30 seconds before the ring closes, in round two as the ring closes, and in round three as the ring closes.

Each care package contains three items, and the items are rolled randomly, so you could get a weapon or support items like Evo shields, healing items, backpacks, and attachments. Teams with Skrimisher legends can check the highest rarity item of each care package before it falls, and if the item has already been looted by other players.

Apex season 18 care package weapons

Wraith looks down on Storm Point while aiming the Bocek Compound Bow.
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  • Bocek Compound Bow: has Deadeye’s Tempo and Shatter Caps built-in
  • Kraber .50-Cal Sniper
  • Prowler Burst PDW: has Select Fire built-in, default on full auto
  • L-Star: Has Disruptor Rounds and damage passthrough added

Apex season 18 replicator weapons

Mirage shoots the Volt SMG at the Geyser POI in World's Edge.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

In recent seasons, the development team has placed two weapons into replicators during each ranked split. To obtain these weapons, players must craft them at replicators using materials like they would for any other craftable loot or armor. Making some weapons craft-only in replicators thins out the game’s sometimes overwhelming loot pool and provides unique incentives to land near or seek out a replicator.

  • Nemesis Burst AR
  • Mozambique: includes Hammerpoint Rounds
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