VALORANT player replicates butterfly knife animation

Don't try this at home, kids.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player impressively replicated the in-game butterfly knife animation in real life. 

VALORANT players have requested a butterfly knife since the game launched last year. Many CS:GO players made the jump to VALORANT and wanted to see the iconic knife make an appearance in the new game. A butterfly knife also allows players to enjoy unique animations with lots of possibilities. 

Riot Games heard the call and included a butterfly knife in the new Recon bundle, alongside four new weapon skins. This new military-inspired bundle is exciting, but most players are interested in the butterfly knife and flaunting it in their matches. The new butterfly knife even inspired a VALORANT player to recreate the animation in real life. 

VALORANT player hehethatfuny uploaded a short clip of themselves replicating the butterfly knife animation in real life with ease. The post includes a slow-motion version of the video, showing the intricate movements and how dangerously close they came to cutting themselves. It’s worth mentioning that tricky movements and combinations are hard to master with a butterfly knife, so be careful if you feel brave enough to try to recreate these movements. 

Most players can’t recreate the animation in real life, but they can still use the new butterfly knife in VALORANT. The Recon bundle will cost 7,100 VP, but players should be able to purchase the butterfly knife separately. The knife will also have three variants, custom animations, and audio. These upgrades require Radiante Points to unlock. 

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