How to drop the spike in VALORANT

Get this thing off of me.

Image via Riot Games

When attacking in VALORANT, any player can pick up the Spike from the ground with the intention of planting it at any of the map’s bomb sites. But figuring out how to drop it might not be clear to everyone.

There isn’t a button that tells you how to drop it and mashing your keyboard will have minimal results. Instead, there is, in fact, a way to drop it that the game doesn’t tell you.

If you have the Spike and want to pass it to a teammate or just drop it somewhere to pick it up later, you’ll first need to select the Spike by pressing the “4” button on your keyboard.

Then, simply press the “G” key and it should drop the Spike in front of where you’re looking.

The same can be said for weapons. If you want to pass an Op to a teammate, for example, select it, and press G to drop it. You can also rebind the key via the settings menu to a more suitable binding.

In short:

  1. Press “4” on the keyboard if you have the Spike in your possession.
  2. Press “G” on your keyboard to drop it.

It’s as simple as that.

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