Riot hints at potential new VALORANT map with another beach teaser

We hope you packed your sunblock.

Screengrab via Riot Games

It’s time for some fun in the sun.

Riot showed off another VALORANT teaser today, welcoming fans to “paradise” with a tropical beach photo. The photo is likely another hint for a new map called “Breeze.”

The image seems serene at first, showing a relaxing beach bed set up facing a bright sky and clear waters. There also appears to be a Vandal thrown in a wicker basket. But upon closer look, there seems to be a spilled wine glass and some odd prints in the sand as if someone left in a hurry or was forcibly taken.

The VALORANT Vietnam Facebook posted a video of the scene, juxtaposing tropical music with bullets being fired in the background. A translation of the caption says Breeze is a “new map coming soon in VALORANT,” potentially its first official confirmation.

The devs have already littered beach advertisements across the existing maps, with some having the words “visit Breeze” written on them. And data miner Valorant Express found the tropical-themed loading music in the game’s files last month. Pair that with the numerous Easter eggs in the battle pass, like the Lost at Sea? player card, and Cypher having a beach backdrop in the “Agents of Romance” dating simulator prank, and fans can likely expect an upcoming map set in a tropical paradise.

With only six days left to complete the Episode Two, Act Two battle pass, fans should find out if a new map is coming soon.

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