Riot addresses Raze nerf in VALORANT, points to Blast Pack bug

The devs quickly solved the issue.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has introduced a hotfix to resolve issues that inadvertently shadow nerfed Raze that were caused by a movement speed bug surrounding Blast Pack and Showstopper. The devs have also solved a glitch that was causing the user interface to remain visible for players throughout matches.

The issues appeared following the introduction of VALORANT Patch 4.10 on May 26, which added quality-of-life features, adjustments to Haven, and more to the game.

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A few hours after the patch hit the live servers, some players complained that something was wrong with Raze.

The issue received growing attention when a Reddit user posted a video showing how the agent’s satchel seemingly didn’t work correctly, including a comparison with how it worked in the previous version of the game.

They claimed its efficiency was abnormally reduced. The devs addressed the issue within the hour, confirming it was a bug. They also mentioned an issue with how the recoil of Showstopper worked, which was included in the hotfix.

The devs worked on a hotfix to quickly resolve the issue with Raze, as it potentially damaged her performance in games. They didn’t need to disable the agent, however, since it only took a few hours to introduce the fix.

Players can now enjoy the game as usual and check out the new Neptune skin bundle, which hit the shop yesterday.