Phoenix can hide under the map on Icebox in VALORANT

Check this spot for hiding enemies.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently shared a spot on Icebox where Phoenix can hide by using his ultimate ability. 

Phoenix’s Run It Back ultimate ability allows players to place a marker at their current location, where they will respawn after they die or the ability timer expires. A player discovered that the Run It Back marker can be placed beneath the map in a specific spot on Icebox. 

To get under the map, players must jump on the rail beneath the right side of the attackers’ spawn. Players can stand on the rail for a few seconds before they are pushed off, which is enough time to place the marker beneath the map.

If done correctly, Phoenix will spawn beneath the map. Players can shoot at enemies above them on the map, although their view is limited.

It’s unclear how far players can move around beneath the map as the player stayed in one spot in the clip. The area does not provide a considerable advantage, since players can only engage enemies deep in the attackers’ spawn alongside the rail. But the glitch can help Phoenix players try to save a weapon at the end of the round or distract enemies in certain situations. 

Other agents have been able to get out of the map with various glitches, but Phoenix’s abilities typically impacted gameplay previously. A bug prevented his ultimate ability from activating, and another allowed players to see through walls with his Curveballs

Riot Games will likely address this issue in a future patch.

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