Professional VALORANT player Josh “Steel” Nissan encounters Phoenix ultimate bug in VALORANT

Make sure your ultimate ability activates next time.

Image via Riot Games

Professional VALORANT player Josh “Steel” Nissan highlighted a new glitch in the game today that prevents ultimate abilities from working properly despite being activated. 

Steel encountered the problem twice in one match while using Phoenix. He attempted to use the Run It Back ability, which allows players to spawn at the activation location when killed for a short period. It is a great tool to use when pushing bombsites, but only when it works properly. 

The ability can be seen activating at the bottom of the screen in the first clip, but it failed to fully activate in the game. Steel pushed into the bombsite expecting to respawn in a safe location but was killed instead. 

The same problem happened again later in the match, and Steel once again was eliminated instead of respawning. 

It is unclear if the issue affects any other agents besides Phoenix, but it remains a significant problem. Steel sent the clips to Riot Nu, the principal software engineer for Riot Games, who confirmed that they will take a look at the bug. 

This is not the first glitch Steel has encountered in VALORANT. He recently experienced a terrifying visual glitch that caused Sage’s character model to appear when entering Omen smokes. Steel also experienced a defuse bar bug that caused it to not appear in a match.