Professional VALORANT player Josh “Steele” Nissan encounters a horrifying VALORANT bug that fills your screen with stretched Sage faces when stepping into Omen smoke after Patch 1.11

"What is this?"

Screengrab via Riot Games

It seems like Riot has brought a funhouse mirror to VALORANT.

100 Thieves’ Josh “steel” Nissan found himself in a horror movie today when stepping into an Omen smoke. It appears that after Patch 1.11, Omen’s smoke covers your screen with eyeless, stretched Sage faces.

“What is this?” the pro laughed.

Whenever Steel, who was playing Sova, walked into the outer part of Omen’s smoke, Sage’s face filled his screen. Riot principal software engineer Nu thanked steel for the information, claiming that the dev team is “on it.”

It’s unclear when the bug will be fixed, especially with some other glitches also showing their faces. But Riot will need to iron out any issues immediately since the North American First Strike qualifiers continue today with day-two action at 4pm CT.

Some players have already argued that dropping a patch in the middle of an important tournament is problematic. 100 Thieves captain Hiko even said it’s “counterintuitive for high-level competitive gameplay.”

The 32 teams that have moved on to the next stage of the qualifiers will have to quickly test out the changes in the new patch, which include a big tweak to Killjoy’s kit, before risking elimination. If any game-breaking bugs also pop up, they could adversely affect competitive gameplay.

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