EU VCT Stage 3 Challengers 2: Scores, schedule, bracket

The finish line is in sight.

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The final Europe-only tournament of the VALORANT Champions Tour is upon us. Challengers Two will determine the final EU representatives for the EMEA Challengers Playoffs.

Unlike in the first Challengers event of Stage Three, the eight teams competing will be fighting for only two spots at the EMEA Challengers Playoffs instead of four. That means two extra teams will have to sit at home and watch the remainder of Stage Three play out, with no hope of reaching the next Masters event in Berlin. As the inaugural VCT year winds down, these teams aren’t just competing for a spot in Berlin, but to be one of the top 10 teams in the EMEA standings by year’s end to make it to Last Chance Qualifier.

With so much on the line, the eight teams competing are sure to deliver some exciting matchups. Here’s all the info needed ahead of EU VCT Stage Three Challengers Two, including the participating teams, the bracket, and the schedule.

Participating teams

The eight teams competing consist of the bottom four teams from Challengers One, as well as four teams that qualified via the most recent open qualifier. Open qualifier teams will get matched up against Challengers One teams in the first round.

Challengers One teams:

  • Fnatic
  • Team Liquid
  • Team BDS
  • Rix.GG Thunder

Open qualifier teams:

  • Giants Gaming
  • Team Vitality
  • Alliance


EU Stage Three Challengers Two will use a double-elimination bracket, with all matches being best-of-three except for the lower bracket final and the grand finals, which will be best-of-five. Both grand finalists will advance to EMEA Challengers Playoff.

All eight teams are also competing for a €35,000 prize pool, with €15,000 going to the first place finisher. There are no VCT points on the line during Challengers Two.

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Schedule and Scores

All times CT and subject to change/delays.

July 28

  • Upper bracket round one
    • 7am: TENSTAR 2-1 Team BDS (TEN 13-3 Breeze, BDS 13-9 Haven, TEN 13-10 Icebox)
    • 7am: Team Liquid 2-1 Team Vitality (Vitality 13-11 Bind, Liquid 13-3 Split, Liquid 13-9 Breeze)
    • 10am: Giants Gaming 2-0 Rix.GG Thunder (13-7 Split, 13-9 Bind)
    • 10am: Fnatic 2-0 Alliance (14-12 Haven, 13-7 Icebox)
  • 1pm: Lower bracket round one
    • Team BDS 2-0 Team Vitality (13-9 Bind, 13-6 Icebox)
    • Rix.GG 2-0 Alliance (13-11 Haven, 13-11 Breeze)

July 29

  • 10am: Upper bracket round two
    • Team Liquid 2-0 TENSTAR (13-10 Haven, 14-12 Breeze)
    • Giants 2-1 Fnatic (Fnatic 13-4 Icebox, Giants 13-7 Bind, Giants 18-16 Ascent)
  • 1pm: Lower bracket round two
    • Fnatic 2-1 Team BDS (BDS 13-7 Icebox, Fnatic 13-11 Bind, Fnatic 14-12 Haven)
    • TENSTAR 2-0 Rix.GG (13-8 Breeze, 13-9 Split)

July 30

  • 10am: Upper bracket final (EMEA Challengers Playoff qualifying match)
    • Giants Gaming 2-0 Team Liquid (13-4 Bind, 13-5 Split)
  • 1pm: Lower bracket round three
    • Fnatic vs TENSTAR (13-3 Icebox, 13-9 Breeze)

July 31

  • 8am: Lower bracket final (best-of-five, EMEA Challengers Playoff qualifying match)
    • Team Liquid 3-2 Fnatic (TL 15-13 Haven, FNC 13-11 Split, TL 13-10 Bind, FNC 13-7 Ascent, TL 13-10 Breeze)

Aug. 1

  • 8am: Grand finals (best-of-five)
    • Team Liquid 2-1 Giants (TL 13-5 Icebox, Giants 13-10 Ascent, TL 13-10 Breeze, LIVE on Bind)

Matches will stream (in English) on the official VALORANT Twitch channel, as well as the EU VALORANT Esports Twitch channel. Matches will also be streamed on YouTube.

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