How to play VALORANT with a controller

You can, but why bother?

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT, Riot’s hit tactical shooter, is designed for the PC platform. And despite rumors of a possible mobile release in the near future, it’s intended to be played with a mouse and keyboard. But that being said, it’s still possible to play the game with a controller.

Third-party software like JoyToKey (free) and reWASD ($7) will allow you to remap your controller for VALORANT

The process is long and arduous with JoyToKey and will require some fiddling to get right. ReWASD, though, is much easier to get to grips with and comes with a neat and tidy interface.

We don’t, however, recommend you use a controller. Using a PlayStation, Xbox, or even a Switch controller certainly doesn’t count as cheating—it might, in fact, put you at a disadvantage over your mouse and keyboard counterparts. A lack of aim assist and high sensitivity make hitting headshots a tall order.

Trying to fight a player using a mouse and keyboard with a controller is an unbalanced experience. You might feel more comfortable with this layout, but you certainly aren’t doing yourself any favors. Consider learning how to use a mouse and keyboard before going through the tough process of getting a controller to work with VALORANT.

Vanguard, VALORANT’s anti-cheat system, also tends to block third-party software and could even falsely flag your account for cheating. Losing your account with hundreds of dollars worth of skins and items can be brutal.

Think twice before risking it all. The risks of using a controller simply outweigh the benefits.