When does VALORANT Mobile come out?

The Riot Games tactical shooter is coming to mobile, but when?

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has confirmed that its wildly popular tactical first person shooter VALORANT will be coming to mobile.

Mobile gaming has quickly become one of the most popular avenues to play for gamers all over the world. Games like PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, and CoD: Mobile have captivated millions of players worldwide and grossed more millions in revenue.

VALORANT’s foray into mobile gaming marks the first time a tactical, economy-based shooter is coming to the platform.

There isn’t a current release date for VALORANT Mobile, however.

VALORANT is played with five players on each team, each controlling a unique “agent” with different abilities. For example, Jett, a character based around quick movement abilities and short-duration “smokes,” is primarily used with the Operator sniper since she’s more likely to be able to get out of bad situations. Viper, with her damaging “smoke” and poison cartridges, is primarily used as a “post-plant” agent.

The goal of the attackers is to plant the “spike” at one of two or three bombsites. Once the spike is planted, the defenders have 45 seconds to defuse it. If the spike goes off before the defenders can defuse it, the attackers win. Victories are also secured by eliminating all five players from the opposing team.

Round victories gain bonuses in credits, which can be used to purchase armor, stronger weapons, and more abilities for the next round. Maintaining the game’s economy is key to being able to pull off an overall victory. Players need to be careful to not get trapped in bad economic situations as a team.

The game ends when a team secures 13 round wins or wins by two if both teams are on 12 rounds apiece. After 12 rounds, the sides switch and the defenders become the attackers. While this seems like a lot of rounds, the short round timer ensures that each VALORANT game is action-packed.

This article will be updated when information about VALORANT Mobile’s release date becomes available.

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