100 Thieves signs steel to its VALORANT roster

Steel joins Hiko and nitr0 on the star-studded roster.

Photo via DreamHack

Three down, two more to go.

100 Thieves revealed its newest VALORANT signing today, adding former CS:GO pro Josh “steel” Nissan to the roster. The announcement comes days after Chaos said the Canadian would transition to streaming full-time as a content creator for VALORANT.

This is exciting news for 100 Thieves fans who have been waiting at the edge of their seats to hear about additions to the roster. The team went into rebuilding mode after a shaky start, parting ways with four former PUBG pros and signing CS:GO star Nick “nitr0” Cannella.

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Team captain Hiko discussed the signing during his Twitch broadcast today, saying that there are some “big brains” and a “lot of experience” on the team right now. And steel will be playing the sentinel role, having practiced a lot of Killjoy during scrims.

Hiko went on to explain that 100 Thieves is looking to complement the veterans with younger star players who are up-and-coming.

With all three members of 100 Thieves having played IGL at some point in their careers, it’s unclear who will perform that role for the team.