How to unlock the world map in Tower of Fantasy

Having a map is incredibly useful on your journey.

Image via Hotta Games

Tower of Fantasy released earlier this week and Wanderers from all over the world are logging in to experience all the world of Aida has to offer. This visually stunning new MMO comes with a wide variety of content ranging from slaying enemies, raiding dungeons, and exploring a vast and vibrant world.

With many open-world games, the world map plays an important role for players to get their bearings and understand the game as a whole. In Tower of Fantasy, it can be a little difficult to figure out how to unlock and use the world map. Here, we’ll go over everything players need to know about unlocking and using the world map to make playthroughs seamless and fun.

Tower of Fantasy world map
Image via Perfect World Games and Imapp

Unlocking the world map

The world map of Aida is a very useful tool for all Wanderers alike. As players flood into Tower of Fantasy, some may stumble into the world map while others must seek it out.

To gain access to the map, Wanderers have to access the region’s Omnium Towers scattered around Aida. At the start, players are only given a small, and not so useful, mini-map. Luckily, the developers at Perfect World Games made tutorials quite in-depth and heavy to give players a great foundation.

Following the tutorials and guides at the beginning of the game will eventually lead players to climb to the top of the Omnium Tower in the Aesperia region. This will unlock the world map feature for players to access using the ‘M’ key on their keyboards.

However, this beginner interaction with the Aesperia Omnium Tower will only unlock the Aesperia region on the mini-map. To unlock and reveal the other regions, players must go to the Omnium Towers in those regions.

The world map is incredibly useful to find various locations within each region and get an understanding of the world of Aida as a whole.