Hype for TFT Set 7 has already throttled PBE servers and led to lengthy queue time waits

Queue times are worth the wait.

Image via Riot Games

Dragons are hot with the release of Teamfight Tactics Set Seven on PBE servers this evening, resulting in players having to wait to play the release.

Scheduled to release via live servers on June 8 via Patch 12.11, TFT Set Seven contains four never-before-seen dragons in conjunction with 58 new and returning champions. The Dragonlands set has transformed Hextech Augments into Draconic Augments and the cheat sheet showcases a total of 28 traits. Testing for TFT Set Seven on PBE servers began at 5pm CT, resulting in an overflow of players.

Image via Riot Games (Screengrab from in-game)

The wait time is estimated to be between 10 to 15 minutes but are actually typically only around five to 10 minutes. Wait times are common with the initial release of a new TFT set on the PBE testing server, but Dragonlands may carry more weight than previous set launches. 

Transforming existing Set Six Hextech Augments that players know while adding new ones to create over 150 Draconic Augments helps players feel comfortable testing a new set. The design of the dragon mechanics and champions feels good and fun to play. And the artwork that went into Tacticians and gameplay is stunning. 

As with most new TFT sets, Set Seven Dragonlands does have a learning curve. Returning players should pick up on the new mechanics and gameplay strategies at around the same time as normal while brand new players may feel overwhelmed. 

The PBE testing of TFT Set Seven will run from May 24 to June 8 with the official release of the Dragonlands set via Patch 12.11.