TFT Patch 11.19: Full notes and updates

Thresh takes a hit, Draven gets a buff, and Garen goes on the offensive.

TFT Draven Set 5.5
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A number of big changes are taking place in Teamfight Tactics’ Set 5.5 Patch 11.19 leading up to the TFT World Championship. 

Scheduled to go live on Sept. 22, the TFT 11.19 update is the patch that the Reckoning World Championship will be played on. Big balance changes within the Worlds patch include a rework to Draven and Tristana, along with minor system and balance changes.

From a Skirmisher and Abomination buff to Garen becoming an offensive Set 5.5 champion, here are the full notes for TFT Patch 11.19. 

System changes

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Tome of Traits is getting a moment of reckoning with the TFT team reducing the percentage at which it’s dropped by a gold Orb. And a small change was made to the Radiant Blessing table. 

  • Tome of Traits percentage of dropping from a gold Orb was reduced by 40 percent
  • Two Reforgers plus five gold was removed from the Radiant Blessing table as a drop
  • Tap Particle: Taps on the TFT board will result in visual poofs of magic coming off the board

Patch 11.19 trait changes

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Keeping the Skirmisher trait into the late game is now a viable option, as is running Abomination once again. The Cannoneer trait was also buffed. 

  • Skirmisher: Shield maximum health scaling is getting buffed at six from 20/40/100 to 20/50/100 percent
  • Abomination: Monstrosity base health buffed from 900/1400/1900 to 900/1500/2000
  • Abomination: Monstrosity health per star level increased slightly from 90/140/190 to 90/150/200
  • Cannoneer: Cannon shot attack damage is getting buffed from 225/450/1200 to 225/475/1200 percent

Patch 11.19 champion buffs, nerfs, and reworks

TFT Heimerdinger Set 5.5
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In an effort to relieve Draven from needing Last Whisper as an item, the Set 5.5 champion is getting a rework. The Forgotten and Legionnaire trait unit will ignore 50 percent of his target’s armor. Tristana is also now able to leap away from enemies and gain attack speed for a total of four seconds.

The stats on Draven are getting a nerf due to his rework, which is still a buff to the Set 5.5 champion, according to Mortdog. Other changes include a buff to Garen via his Victorious trait, an Ashe buff, and a Heimerdinger tweak that may make the champion a viable late-game option again. Karma was also buffed, adding longevity to the Set 5.5 champion. 

One-cost Set 5.5 champions

  • Kled: Dismount attack speed buffed at three-star from 70/80/100 to 70/80/110 percent
  • Leona: Solar Barrier damage reduction nerfed from 30/50/200 to 30/40/120
  • Udyr: Feral Instinct shield increased at three-star from 250/350/550 to 250/350/600

Two-cost Set 5.5 champions

  • Tristana: Rework to Rocket Jump that has Tristana leap away from enemies and gain attack speed for a total of four seconds
  • Tristana: Attack range nerfed from five to four
  • Tristana: Attack damage increased from 60 to 65
  • Tristana: Starting mana adjusted from 50/125 to 60/125
  • Thresh: Maximum mana nerf from 40/80 to 80/120
  • Sett: Haymaker armor shred buffed at three-star from 20/25/30 to 20/25/40
  • Soraka: Equinox damage increased from 150/250/400 to 175/275/425

Three-cost Set 5.5 champions

  • Ashe: Attack damage increased from 60 to 70
  • Miss Fortune: Starting mana buffed from 0/70 to 20/70
  • Nidalee: Aspect of the Cougar bonus increased at three-star from 30/50/70 to 30/50/75 percent
  • Riven: Blade of the Dawn bonus attack damage increased at three-star from 90/100/110 to 90/100/115 percent

Four-cost Set 5.5 champions

  • Draven: Rework now has Draven’s passive ignore 50 percent of his target’s armor
  • Draven: Attack damage nerfed from 95 to 80
  • Draven: Spinning Axes base damage nerfed from 150/225/900 to 125/200/700
  • Draven: Spinnin Axes on-hit bonus damage attack damage scaling nerfed from 170/180/400 to 140/150/400 percent
  • Karma: Health increased from 700 to 750
  • Karma: Soulflare damage buffed from 230/290/850 to 230/300/850

Five-cost Set 5.5 champions

  • Heimerdinger: Maximum mana buffed from 0/160 to 0/140
  • Heimerdinger: Turret attack damage nerfed from 125 to 100
  • Garen: Victorious empowered missing health damage after scoring a kill buffed from 50 to 60 percent. 

Patch 11.19 item balance changes

A major change is being made to Zz’Rot Portal and its Radiant version, allowing the item to taunt units via a larger radius while not forcing movement. It will also taunt Assassin trait champions when placed correctly on the battlefield. A change was also applied to Radiant Spear of Shojin, providing a bonus of 20 ability power. 

  • Radiant Spear of Shojin: New bonus 20 ability power
  • Zz’Rot Portal: Taunt Hex range increased from two to four
  • Zz’Rot Portal: Item is now able to taunt champions with the Assassin trait
  • Radiant Zz’Rot Portal: Taunt Hex range increased from two to four
  • Radiant Zz’Rot Portal: Item is now able to taunt units with the Assassin trait

Patch 11.19 mobile changes

TFT esports Pengu
Image via Riot Games

An update to the TFT mobile tutorial will take place with Patch 11.19. New mobile players will experience a smaller roster of Set One champions while introducing new traits. This is a permanent tutorial that won’t reset with each new TFT set.

Here are all the specifics found within the new mobile tutorial. 

  • A smaller number of champions from Set One
  • Use of limited items
  • New traits such as Exemplar, similar to Nobles
  • Adjustments made to a number of traits and champions from TFT Set One

Patch 11.19 bug fixes

With Set 5.5 coming to a close soon, only one bug fix was applied in Patch 11.19. Clarity text was added to the Ranger trait within the TFT tooltip.