Here’s every TFT 11.19 change revealed during Patch Rundown

A number of big changes are scheduled to take place within the upcoming Worlds patch.

TFT Set 5.5 Garen
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Riot Games game designer Kent “Riot Kent” Wu and game design director  Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed the final adjustments to the Teamfight Tactics Set 5.5 meta during today’s Patch Rundown.

Patch 11.19 is the official TFT Worlds patch for the Reckoning World Championship, scheduled to begin on Oct. 1. The update contains a number of changes meant to open up the meta, according to Mortdog. Big changes include reworks to Tristana and Draven, along with a nerf to Thresh. From system changes to champion nerfs and buffs, here’s every balance change slated to take place with the TFT 11.19 patch on Sept. 22, according to the Patch Rundown.

System changes

A total of two minor system changes are taking place in the TFT 11.19 patch. Tome of Traits was appearing too often, according to Mort, resulting in a decrease of 40 percent of it dropping from a gold Orb. The Radiant blessing table will also get a minor change, removing the option of receiving two Reforgers and five gold. 


A total of three traits are receiving changes with the 11.19 patch: Skirmisher, Abomination, and Cannoneer. 

  • Six Skirmisher was buffed from 40 to 50 percent.
  • Abomination is getting a Base HP buff from 900/1400/1900 to 900/1500/2000 and an HP per star level buff to 90/150/200.
  • Cannoneer: Cannoneer four buffed from 450 to 475 percent attack damage.

Big champion changes

A rework will get applied to Tristana, “bringing her back into the meta in a healthy way,” according to Mortdog. Draven is also getting a rework that will make him a “three-range risky but high DPS” Set 5.5 champion. The Forgotten and Legionnaire champion will essentially reduce his target’s armor in half by ignoring it. Last Whisper can still get played on him but isn’t necessary anymore. Despite nerfs, the change is a buff to Draven, according to Mortdog. 

Power is getting shifted away from Heimerdinger’s turrets and back into him being able to cast more often, while Ashe is getting a buff that should help out Ranger comps and Draconic builds. 

  • Tristana rework: “Tristana leaps away from enemies and gains attack speed for a total of four seconds.”
  • Tristana: Attack range reduced from five to four.
  • Tristana: Attack damage increased from 60 to 65.
  • Tristana: Mana adjusted from 50/125 to 60/125.
  • Thresh: Mana nerf from 40/80 to 80/120.
  • Ashe: Attack damage buffed to 70.
  • Draven rework: “Draven now passively ignores 50 percent of his target’s armor.
  • Draven: Attack damage reduced to 80.
  • Draven: Spell attack damage nerfed to 140/150/400 percent.
  • Draven: Base spell damage nerfed to 125/200/700.
  • Heimerdinger: Mana adjusted to 0/140.
  • Heimerdinger: Turret attack damage reduced to 100.

Small champion changes

The most notable “small” changes are a nerf to Leona and a surprise buff to Garen’s Victorious damage. Garen’s change makes putting a “damage” item on him not only plausible but encouraged by Mortdog. And Leona was simply too strong with three damage items as a one-cost unit. 

  • Kled: Dismount attack speed bonus buffed at three-star to 110 percent.
  • Udyr: Spell shield buffed at three-star to 600 percent.
  • Leona: Spell damage reduction nerfed from 30/50/200 to 30/40/120.
  • Sett: Spell armor shred buffed at three-star to 40.
  • Soraka: Spell damage increased across the board from 150/250/400 to 175/275/425.
  • Miss Fortune: Mana adjusted to 20/70.
  • Riven: Spell bonus attack damage increased at three-star to 115 percent.
  • Nidalee: Attack speed bonus buffed at three-star to 75 percent.
  • Karma: HP increased to 750 and spell damage at two-star increased by 10 to 300.
  • Garen: Victorious HP damage buffed from 50 to 60 percent.


Underperforming Radiant and vanilla items are getting targeted in TFT Patch 11.19. Zz’Rot portal is getting a tweak that changes its taunt range, allowing both Radiant and vanilla Zz’Rot Portal to taunt assassins. 

Radiant Spear of Shojin was the “most underperforming” Radiant item, according to Mortdog, resulting in a 20 percent attack power buff. AP comps will benefit the most from the new Radiant Spear of Shojin buff, according to Mortdog. 

  • Zz’Rot Portal: Taunt Hex range increased to four
  • Radiant Zz’Rot Portal: Taunt Hex range increased to four
  • Radiant Spear of Shojin: New 20 percent attack power

All changes for TFT Patch 11.19 that were revealed today are subject to change prior to the official release on Sept. 22. All buffs and nerfs are playable now via the PBE server. 


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