TFT Legendary and 4-cost Chosen take over 11.4 meta

One-cost Chosen units take a back seat.

Teamfight Tactics Swain
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Patch 11.4 has brought back a Legendary and four-cost Chosen-dominant meta within Teamfight Tactics

Following almost three weeks of one-cost Chosen dominance, TFT Patch 11.4 has resulted in the return of a meta from Set Four Fates. In what is being called Set 4.75 Fates: Festival of Beasts, Legendary and four-cost Chosen champions are once again performing above the rest of the field, according to MetaTFT data published in a Reddit post today. 

Four-cost Chosen units went from an average placement of 4.26 to 4.10 between Patch 11.2 and 11.4, according to data from games ranked at Diamond Two and higher. They were also played more than any other Chosen unit—33.7 percent of the time over one-cost Chosen units that were played 22.4 percent.

Dominating over all the Chosen champions are Legendary units, five-cost champions that deal lethal damage to opponents and their boards. Going fast-nine to obtain a five-cost Chosen remains complicated, with four-cost Chosen units obtaining a majority of wins within the new Set 4.75 Patch 11.4 meta. 

One-cost Chosen units lost their S-plus tier status but still remain a viable option at times. Dropping best-in-slot items on a three-star Chosen Yasuo or hitting Chosen Brand Mage can still earn a top-four lobby finish. Two-cost Chosen units, according to the MetaTFT data, are the worst performers and most-often skipped over. Dropping to an average placement of 4.67 in Patch 11.4, two-cost Chosens are only played in 15.5 percent of games. 

No B-patches are expected to take place in TFT Patch 11.4 at the time of writing. Patch 11.5 is scheduled to take place on March 3. 

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