Teamfight Tactics cosmetics won’t be purchasable on mobile at launch

Players will need to buy them on PC first.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics’ mobile launch is right around the corner. But players who want to buy adorable Little Legends straight from their cellphones will have to wait a little bit longer.

Riot announced today that TFT mobile will release in the App Store and Google Play on March 19. Cosmetics won’t be purchasable on mobile devices, however. Riot wants to ensure mobile’s launch is as stable as possible, saving mobile purchases for a later date.

“Right now, we had to prioritize certain features over others to make sure we were able to launch the game in its best shape,” Riot said. “That meant keeping the Store and Loot system as a feature we’d make available on mobile later rather than right at launch.”

TFT players who purchase the Galaxies Pass and Pass+ on PC will still unlock content by playing the game on mobile devices. The pass system doesn’t require purchases, simply unlocks. And cosmetics purchased on PC will be immediately available on mobile devices since they “both share inventory.”

TFT mobile will immediately launch with Set Three: Galaxies, the new season that features an intergalactic space war between good and evil. The set will include a fresh roster of units, as well as new classes, origins, and traits.