Teamfight Tactics Set 3 trailer breaks down all the Origins and Classes debuting in Galaxies

It's almost here.

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Teamfight Tactics Galaxies is looking to be the best thing to happen to space since Star Wars—and it might have a shot.

Riot revealed a gameplay trailer for the autobattler’s third set, which introduces fans to all the new Classes and Origins that Galaxies has to offer. TANA, the Tactical Autobattler Navigation Assistant, explains that intergalactic forces of “good and evil” are causing “celestial phenomena” on the Convergence. The automaton then breaks down the new traits debuting with Galaxies.

Galaxies appears to offer a wide variety of Origins and Classes that are each unique and fun to play. Pair that with several new mechanics and this may be the most varied TFT set yet.

Major Origins, like Celestials or Dark Stars, will give huge payout when delved into, even if they’re a bit harder to pull off. Celestials heal themselves throughout a fight, giving sustain similar to season one Nobles. Dark Stars, on the other hand, build damage stacking buffs as the units fall, gaining power toward the end of the round.

Minor Origins aren’t as “vast,” according to TANA, but they provide “an instant boost to any team.” Mech Pilots, for example, fuse into a Super Mech that combines their stats and deals tons of damage. And it only takes three units to pull this off.

Classes are also divided into three playstyles—attack, defense, and utility. Blasters, for example, are similar to the Gunslinger class from previous sets. They have a chance to hit multiple targets with their space guns. Defensive classes give additional tanky stats to the team. And the new Protectors class give themselves shields when casting spells.

Utility classes offer unique bonuses to your team. Mercenary units, Gangplank and Miss Fortune, aren’t loyal to you but certainly work for money. Every so often, a special bonus will appear in your shop to upgrade their spells—but they don’t come cheap.

Riot also took three powerful units from the League of Legends universe to create potentially game-changing mechanics. Thresh lanterns in benched allies to the battlefield and Ekko bends time to stop all units on the board and deliver fatal blows. And Aurelion Sol becomes a starship that floats on the board and sends out missile-like fighters that continue to deal damage until he’s destroyed.

TFT Set Three: Galaxies is testing on the PBE right now and is slated to hit the live servers next week.


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