Riot reveals TFT European qualifiers for Set 5 Reckoning

EU players finally have a qualifier roadmap for Set Five.

Teamfight Tactics Evil Pengu
Image via Riot Games

A little over a month following the release of Teamfight Tactics Reckoning, European players have been given an official competitive roadmap for Set Five.

The TFT European Set Five qualifiers will use “a similar format to previous iterations,” according to Riot Games. Only four players will head to Worlds, as opposed to the six in Set Four Fates, due to the TFT World Championship taking place in China this year. Unlike the NA qualifier roadmap, the EU qualifiers will rely on ladder rankings to determine the 64 players competing in the European Regional Finals. 

Image via Riot Games

Players on EUW, EUNE, TR, and CIS servers will start competing for ladder spots on June 9 at 5pm CT. Competitors from North Africa, Middle East, and India can play on one of these four servers to qualify as well. The EU qualifier ladder stage will end on July 8 at 4:59pm CT, with three snapshots taking place between June 9 and July 8.

  • June 24 at 4:59pm CT
  • July 1 at 4:59pm CT
  • July 8 at 4:59pm CT

Points are earned based on ladder rankings at the time of the snapshots, determining the players competing at the Regional Finals from each of the four servers. A total of 64 players will compete for the four TFT Reckoning World Championship slots.

  • EUW: Top 40 players
  • EUNE: Top 10 players
  • CIS: Top four players
  • TR: Top 10 players

Riot has yet to release dates for the EU Regional Finals or the TFT Set Five World Championship. The NA Regional Finals are scheduled to take place from Sept. 4 to 5.