Riot Mortdog reveals TFT Set 5.5 B-patch date for 11.15

More minor nudges are expected in the 11.15 B-patch.

TFT Fiddlesticks Set 5.5
Image via Riot Games

A three-week gap between Teamfight Tactics updates at the launch of Set 5.5 Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes will result in a B-patch this week, according to Riot Games game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer.

Patch 11.16 for TFT Set 5.5 isn’t scheduled to take place until Aug. 11. Due to the length of time between the midset’s release on July 21, a B-patch for 11.15 has been scheduled to take place on July 28. A hotfix for Patch 11.15 took place last week with slight nerfs to the traits Abomination and Draconic. The B-patch this week will “nudge a few things,” according to Mortdog. 

Balance for TFT Set 5.5 is “looking quite good,” according to Mortdog, based on initial data from last week. Compared to the release of Set Five, Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes has been a lot smoother. Some TFT Set Five comps are still considered top builds, like Dawnbringer Karma. Other builds, like Skirmisher Jax and Hellion, have undergone a few changes and improved with the launch of Set 5.5.

Lucian is one of the most popular new TFT Set 5.5 champions to play, along with Gwen, Tristana, and Galio. Some possible champion nerfs that players can expect in the 11.15 B-patch include Hecarim, Nidalee, and Lucian. Any balance changes that take place will likely be tweaks and not major adjustments. 

Patch 11.16 for TFT Set 5.5 Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes is scheduled to take place on Aug. 11. The B-patch for 11.15 will launch on July 28.