European TFT Fates Regional Finals: Standings, scores, and schedule

Six players fight for a seat at Worlds to represent their home country.

Teamfight Tactics Set 4.5 Fates Festival of Beasts
Image via Riot Games

The EU Teamfight Tactics Fates Regional Finals is featuring a total of 64 players competing over the course of four days for an invite to the World Championship. 

Scheduled to take place from March 6 to 7 and 13 to 14, the EU Fates Regional Finals will showcase the best European TFT players competing in Set 4.5 Fates: Festival of Beasts. Players competed over the course of four days, with six advancing to Worlds on April 7 to 9. The competition was intense, with many well-known and veteran competitive EU TFT players failing to advance to day two. 

Day one, March 6

The field of 64 was cut in half following six rounds of gameplay on day one of the EU Fates Regional Finals. Top TFT competitors like DarkHydra and Deis1k didn’t make the day one cut while Pas De Bol and KC Canbiz61 finished in the top four of every round. 

Here were the top 32 TFT players who advanced to day two:

  • Pas Se Bol: 49 points
  • KC Canbiz61: 46 points
  • DV1 Sage: 44 points
  • Ceremonialsss: 44 points
  • TMS ACKK: 43 points
  • TTV Al3XEM: 42 points
  • KC Double61: 39 points
  • TL Snoodyboo: 39 points
  • Lyyyress: 38 points
  • AnniecondaTFT: 38 points
  • AceofMobalytics: 37 points
  • Ginggg: 37 points
  • Colbeyi: 37 points
  • CptAnchor: 36 points
  • eLS Tiaan: 36 points
  • FluffyHS: 36 points
  • SLY Voltariux: 35 points
  • Lallana: 34 points
  • AstroBoy10: 34 points
  • Balotelli777: 34 points
  • SwellerTiger: 34 points
  • Thrae: 34 points
  • LIL Bränk: 33 points
  • Luffy57773: 33 points
  • TTVLastKardax: 33 points
  • ZykOo: 33 points
  • VGIA T4nPoP: 32 points
  • DV1 simplywojtek: 32 points
  • Havali: 32 points
  • Cynarr: 32 points
  • Vitality Salvyyy: 31 points
  • Un33d: 31 points

Day two, March 7

Day two of the EU Fates Regional Finals began with the top 32 highest point earners from day one. Points were not reset between the two days, and only the top 16 players from day two advanced onto the second round. 

TTV Al3XEM had the strongest showing of the day, finishing in first-place three times while hitting top four in five out of six games and earning a total of 88 points between days one and two. Several other top-scoring players from day one continued to play well and finish in the top 16, like Pas Se Bol, and TMS ACKK. 

Competitors like Un33d started day two with 31 points (slot 32) and finished day two sitting at 13 with 68 points—tied with Voltariux who started day two with 35 points. FluffHS also had an exciting finish to day two, earning a first-place in game six for a total of 67 points—just making the top 16 cut and winning the tie-breaker over Havali. Other players who had a strong day two showing who made the top 16 included Cynarr, Ilallana, LIL Brank, Luffy, and ZyKOo. 

Here were the top 16 TFT players advancing to round two of the EU Fates Regional Finals:

  • TTV AL3XEM: 88 points
  • TMS ACKK: 82 points
  • Lyyyress: 80 points
  • Ginggg: 78 points
  • Lallana: 76 points
  • Pas De Bol: 75 points
  • AnniecondaTFT: 75 points
  • KC Canbiz61: 73 points
  • Colbeyi: 73 points
  • LIL Bränk: 72 points
  • Cynarr: 72 points
  • SLY Voltariux: 68 points
  • Un33d: 68 points
  • Luffy57773: 68 points
  • ZyKOo: 68 points
  • FluffyHS: 67 points

Day three, March 13

The third day of the EU Fates Regional Finals was classified as round two, featuring the top 16 players from day two in the previous weekend. Players were split into two lobbies, with the top four point-earners in each lobby advancing to the finals group on day four. Players who placed fifth and sixth in each lobby advanced to the Last Chance group. 

Here were the top eight players advancing to the finals group:

  • Lyyyress
  • LIL Bränk
  • Pas de Bol
  • Un33d
  • Ginggg
  • Luffy57773
  • Lallana

Here were the four players who qualified for the Last Chance group:

  • ZyKOo
  • SLY Voltariux
  • KC canbiz61

The top four players from the finals group earn a seat at Fates Worlds while the bottom four join the four existing players in the Last Chance Group. Two players from the Last Chance Group will also have an opportunity to earn an invite to the Fates World Championship, for a total of six representing the EU.

Day four finals, March 14

Eight players were left out of a total of 64, competing over the course of four rounds with the top-four points earners advancing to the Fates World Championship. Pas De Bol earned two lobby victories to secure first place with 27 points at the EU Fates Regional Finals, followed by LIL Bränk with 26 total points. 

Screengrab via Riot Games Two Twitch

Here were the four of the six EU players who guaranteed an invite to TFT Worlds:

  • Pas De Bol: 27 points
  • LIL Bränk: 26 points
  • Ginggg: 24 points
  • Lyyyress: 23 points

The bottom four players—Un33D, Cynarr, Luffy57773, and Lallana—joined the bottom four players from the semifinals on day three, for a second chance to qualify for the Fates World Championship via the Last Chance group. After four rounds of gameplay, Lallana and ZyKOo earned the final two invites to Worlds. 

Screengrab via Riot Games Two Twitch

Here are the six TFT players representing EU at the Fates World Championship:

  • Pas De Bol
  • LIL Bränk
  • Ginggg
  • Lyyyress
  • ZyKOo
  • Lallana