How to watch the TFT European Regional Qualifiers

Only six out of 64 players will earn an invite to the Fates World Championship.

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates Comps
Image via Riot Games

Sixty-four players will compete in the Teamfight Tactics European Regional Finals over the course of two weekends for an invite to the Fates World Championship. 

The players competing in the EU Fates Regional Finals qualified via the EUW, WUNE, CIS, and TR regions. Scheduled to take place from March 6 to 7 and 13 to 14, the top six players will earn a seat at the Fates World Championship from April 7 to 9. Official coverage of the EU Regional Finals is scheduled for March 14 via Riot Games Twitch.  

Riot Games made several changes within the EU region for the Fates Qualifiers that included increasing the number of players attending Worlds from three to six. Players from the TR server are also now incorporated into the EU Regional Finals and the Qualifiers had a total prize pool of 30,000 euros. A list of the 64 players competing was announced by Riot today. 

Notable names that will likely stream their gameplay on the days that don’t have official coverage include Deis1k, FluffyHS, KC Double61, Sologesang2, Dark Hydra, and Salvyyy.

Official coverage of the day four EU Fates Regional Finals competition on March 14 will feature four rounds of gameplay and eight total players. The broadcast will be featured in seven languages across seven streaming channels, starting at 6:30am CT/12:30pm GMT.

  • English:
  • French: https//
  • German: http://twitchtv/youbetterknowme
  • Spanish:
  • Turkish:
  • Polish:
  • Russian: https//

tThe NA Fates Regional Finals are also taking place from March 6 to 7 and 13 to 14. Coverage of the tournament will take place all four days via the Riot’s Twitch, in addition to individual streams from players. A total of four players from the NA Regional Finals will earn an invite to the TFT Fates World Championship, which is scheduled to take place from April 7 to 9.