Here’s everything you need to know about TFT Fates NA Regional Finals

Only four players will earn a spot at Worlds.

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The competitive journey toward the second Teamfight Tactics World Championship is set to hit peak levels of performance with the North American Regional Finals in March.

Following weeks of grinding on the ladder, competing in NA Regional Qualifiers, and fighting for a shot via open qualifiers, the 32 best North American TFT players will go head-to-head to earn four invites to the Fates World Championship in April. The total prize pool for the NA Regional Finals is $25,000.

Who’s competing?

Players competing at the NA Regional Finals qualified via four different methods: Ladder Snapshots, Regional Qualifier points, top-four winners of the NA Qualifier Four, and the Team Liquid Last Chance Open Qualifier. 

Ladder Snapshots

Weekly Ladder Snapshots were used to qualify players for the Giant Slayer Challenger series that fed into the Fates Qualifiers series. The last Ladder Snapshot, taken on March 3 at 2:01am CT, qualified the 12 top-ranked NA players to compete in the TFT NA Regional Finals. Players who qualified through other means aren’t included in the Ladder Snapshot list.

Here were the 12 players who qualified through the Fates Ladder Snapshots

  • Cottontail
  • Ramkev
  • NosterEleven
  • Pockygom
  • Ramblinnn
  • Chessmage
  • Velayy
  • Guubums
  • Kurumx
  • Treebeard TWTV
  • Kyivix

Regional Qualifier points

Players who competed in Qualifier series tournaments earned points throughout the Fates season. The top 12 competitors with the most Regional Qualifier points earned invites to the Fates Regional Finals. 

Here are the top 12 TFT Qualifier points earners:

  • C9 k3soju
  • Robinsongz
  • Dexiwpersonality (Nhan Tam)
  • Sètsuko
  • Kiyoon
  • NoobOwl
  • KCI
  • ILikeHoboes
  • Agon
  • M35S
  • TSM KitingIsHard
  • Souless

Qualifier Four winners

The NA Qualifier Four, hosted by Giant Slayer TV, featured intense battles within the Set 4.5 Fates meta. A total of four players after three days of competitive play earned an invite to the NA Regional Finals. 

Here are the four winners from the TFT Qualifier Four tournament:

  • Bertasaurus
  • GrandVice8
  • Mismatched Socks
  • SpencerTFT

Team Liquid Last Chance Open Qualifiers

Taking place from March 1 to 5, a total of four players earned an invite to the NA Regional Finals via the TL Last Chance Open Qualifiers. Results from this tournament will get updated following the final lobby on March 5.

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Here were the top four players who earned an invite to the NA Regional Finals:

  • TTV The Jirachy
  • FlightZY
  • Maikerukkkk
  • Otterbear

What’s the format?

A total of 32 players will compete over the course of four days, with the top four earning an invite to play at the Fates World Championship

  • Day one: A total of six games will be played with lobbies rotating every two games. The top 24 players from day one will advance to day two. 
  • Day two: The top 24 players will compete in six games with lobbies rotating every two games. Only the top 16 will advance to day three. 
  • Day three: The top 16 players will compete in six games with lobbies rotating every two games. Only the top eight will advance to the finals. 
  • Day four: The top eight players will compete in six games with the top four earning an invite to the TFT Fates World Championship. 

Is there a broadcast?

An official broadcast will take place on Riot Games’ Twitch and individual players will also have livestreams. The event will be broadcast by TFT lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, along with veteran casters and players. 

  • Mortdog
  • DoA
  • Frodan
  • Khroan
  • Kien
  • Wolfey
  • Esportslaw
  • Nekkra

Coverage begins at 6pm CT on Riot’s Twitch on March 6 to 7 and 13 to 14. The top four players following four days of competition at the NA Regional Finals will compete in the TFT World Championship from April 7 to 9.