Earn TFT rewards in Skyglass Origins event by banishing Chaos Pengu and the Black Mist

Team up with Pengu and the forces of Order.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games revealed a new event today that’s coming to Teamfight Tactics, incorporating League of Legends lore surrounding the Reckoning and offering players sweet rewards for completing missions.

Set Five Reckoning introduced the Black Mist corruption that’s crossed the convergence, creating an evil Pengu who needs to be stopped. Scheduled to take place from June 8 at 10am CT to July 8 at 10am CT, the Skyglass Origins TFT event will see players teaming up with Pengu and the forces of Order to banish his evil doppelganger and the Black Mist. 

The Skyglass Origins TFT event contains a total of 15 missions, according to Riot, each providing players with a piece of Skyglass upon completion. Pengu has a chance to restore hope and balance by piecing together the shattered relic, caused by the corruption with the launch of Set Five Reckoning. Restoring the Skyglass will banish evil Pengu and the Black Mist.

Completing the Skyglass event missions to restore the relic will reward players with Star Shards, eggs, and emotes. Missions are completed in sequential order, each providing a reward. Players will earn 10 Star Shards during early missions while the final three contain Magical Misfits Little Legends eggs and two unique Pengu emotes. 

Set Five introduced 36 Shadow items to TFT, providing new strategies and ways to win. In addition to twice as many items, the Reckoning set includes God-Kings Darius and Garen at odds with one another, along with a total of 60 champions and 27 traits. The Skyglass Origins TFT event is free-to-play but will only be available for one month, starting June 8. 

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