All TFT World Championship title winners

Which region will dethrone China?

Image via Riot Games

A total of four Teamfight Tactics World Championships have taken place since Riot Games auto battler launched, with winners from France, Korea, and China.

Winning a Teamfight Tactics World Championship isn’t easy, requiring a massive amount of time spent on the ladder in conjunction with skill and a little bit of high roll luck. Since the official release of TFT, there have been a total of seven Sets, including the Beta. Only four of those Sets have showcased a World Championship. 

The first TFT Worlds took place at the end of Galaxies, a unique set that showcased a variety of mechanics via the galaxy mechanic. But Galaxies wasn’t the first official Riot-sponsored tournament. During the Rise of the Elements, an Invitational took place with TSM Keane taking home the title. After Galaxies came Fates, followed by Reckoning and Gizmos & Gadgets.

Here’s every TFT Worlds winner since the first World Championship.

A total of eight regions are represented at the TFT World Championship. Some regions, like China and EMEA, can have up to five players due to the size of the region. Starting with the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship, Riot increased the total number of players from each region. 

  • EMEA: Five
  • CN: Five
  • NA: Four
  • KR: Four
  • BR: Three
  • LATAM: Three
  • JP: Two
  • OCE: Two

China has technically outperformed every other region, having won two TFT Worlds titles. North America and EMEA have a long-standing beef over which is the better region, yet NA still lacks a World Championship victory. And with smaller regions like OCE and LATAM receiving an increased number of players, anyone can grab the Dragonlands title for Set Seven that’s taking place sometime in Nov. 2022.