16-year-old Double61 wins TFT Galaxies World Championship

The best TFT player in the world hails from France.

Teamfight Tactics Set 3 Syndra
Image via Riot Games

The first Teamfight Tactics world champion was crowned today, much to the delight of fans in France. KC Double61 won three-straight rounds to become the best tactician in the world.

After finishing first in the TFT European Qualifier Finals several weeks ago, Double61 went from obscurity to a household name. The pressure was on at the Galaxies Championship, though, after making it to the finals with veteran French player Voltariux and the other EU qualifier, Lev D Trotski. But the pressure never got to Double61. He won three rounds in a row to claim the first TFT Worlds title. 

Lev D started off day two at the Galaxies Championship hot, winning round one while Double61 finished in sixth place. The 16-year-old quickly rebounded in round two, though, beating out Lev D and Bobae for first. And then he continued his win streak through rounds three and four, with his victory in game four earning him the title.  

That final win was close, though. The rest of the players in the lobby let Double61 grab a Spear of Shojin during the final carousel, allowing his three-star Syndra to overtake the rest of the lobby.  

The second day of TFT Worlds featured the top eight players from the semifinals fighting for the $40,000 grand prize and a Galaxies Championship title. There was also a different format in the finals with players needing to reach a total of 18 points before they had a chance to win TFT Worlds. Once hitting that 18-point mark, those players needed a first-place finish to claim the title. 

Pulling off three lobby wins in a row during competitive play is rare in TFT. But for KC Double61, a three-game win streak became a reality today, earning the young French player the first Teamfight Tactics Worlds title.