7 dragons take over TFT in Dragonlands set

Ride the Dragonlands currents to a top-four finish with a dragon on your team.

Image via Riot Games

New and returning dragons within Teamfight Tactics‘ Set Seven will challenge players with unique mechanics, trait synergies, and powerful stats. 

Scheduled to drop into the PBE servers on May 24, TFT’s Set Seven showcases returning and first-time dragon champions that can tip the scales of a game when used properly. The beasts of the air in the Dragonlands set are powerful and big, taking up two slots on the battlefield, similar to the Colossus trait in Gizmos & Gadgets. Dragons also plus-three a marked trait and gain 600 bonus health, which is why they cost double when purchasing from the TFT shop.

All dragons within Set Seven will show up in a TFT shop as a tier-four or tier-five champion. But to purchase them, players will have to spend either eight or 10 gold. A plus-three marked trait means the dragon will count as three extra units of that marked Origin trait when put onto the battlefield. This can help players achieve the maximum breakpoints for vertical traits or activate a minor trait for synergy and econ.

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There are three tier-five dragons and four tier-four dragons. Each has its own traits that don’t overlap with other dragons, because the Dragon trait only allows for one dragon on the battlefield at a time. 

Image via Riot Games
  • Daeja: Tier-four dragon with the Mirage trait. Daeja weakens enemies’ magic resistance while dealing damage to the largest clumped group.
  • Idas: Tier-four dragon with Shimmerscale and Guardian traits. Idas is a tank that shields allies and buffs them with attack speed.
  • Shi Oh Yu: Tier-four dragon with Jade and Mystic traits. Shi Oh Yu deals a variety of damage and has primary carry potential as a melee Bruiser with attack damage. 
  • Sy’fen: Tier-four dragon with Whispers and Bruiser traits. Sy’fen is a tank that can potentially hit backline units with proper positioning while one-shotting enemy units with their bite.
  • Ao Shin: Tier-five dragon with the Tempest trait. Ao Shin provides massive AOE damage but takes time to ramp up. 
  • Aurelion Sol: Tier-five dragon with Astral and Evoker traits. Aurelion Sol relies on strategic positioning, targeting single units and expanding into multiple units over time. 
  • Shyvana: Tier-five dragon with Ragewing and Shapeshifter traits. Shyvana is a co-tank shredder that divebombs enemies for additional AOE damage.

Shimmerscale is an econ trait within TFT Set Seven, providing unique Dragonlands items when activated at breakpoints of 3/5/7/9. Idas is the ideal dragon for the comp, providing frontline protection while increasing the attack speed of allies. Idas activates the Shimmerscale trait if it’s marked as a plus-three trait without needing any other units on the battlefield that have the Shimmerscale trait.

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Not all dragons are easy to slot in a comp, though. Daeja has the Mirage trait, a multi-variety trait similar to Mutant from TFT Set Six. Sometimes Daeja will end up as a primary carry and other times the dragon will act more as a support unit. 

Players can test all the TFT Set Seven dragons via the PBE release on the afternoon of May 24. An official release of Dragonlands will take place on June 8.