Dream promises to ‘delete YouTube channel’ if face reveal doesn’t happen before December

He is feeling quite confident.

Screengrab via MrBeast on Youtube, Image via YouTube | Remix by Kacee Fay

During Dream’s latest installment of his Discord podcast series, which are more commonly known by fans as “Drodcasts,” the Minecraft star made a bold proclamation regarding his imminent face reveal. Dream is feeling optimistic about his future plans, which have long had delays, and is so certain that he staked his YouTube channel on the matter.

“I’m putting it on record,” Dream said. “Dream Team Christmas 2022 or I will delete my YouTube channel.”

The concept of Dream Team Christmas originates from 2021 when Dream and Sapnap thought GeorgeNotFound would be able to move to the United States in time for Dream to face reveal and for the full Dream Team meetup to finally happen. However, plans fell through due to the complex process of attaining a visa, and Dream’s face reveal has been put on hold since.

Screengrab via Dream on YouTube

Dream’s face reveal plans are entirely dependent on when his friend and fellow Dream Team member GeorgeNotFound can permanently move from England to the United States due to an agreement the duo made long ago, plus Dream’s desire to only face reveal when he can have his closest friends by his side.

Thus, Dream staking his YouTube channel on a Dream Team Christmas means his face reveal is set to happen at any point before December.

“That is the Dream guarantee that the Dream team meetup, the Dream face reveal, the Dream Team living together will happen before Christmas this year,” Dream added after his bold statement. “One million percent.”

Dream also elaborated that while he is confident that things will get moving by December at the latest, he thinks GeorgeNotFound will get to America “well before then” and thus that his face reveal will also happen much sooner.

“Based on what we know, he should be here before TwitchCon,” Dream said.

Screengrab via Anthony Padilla on YouTube

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The YouTube star also said if all goes right, the trio hopes to attend TwitchCon San Diego. He added the Dream Team has “good reason to believe” GeorgeNotFound will be able to move to America “in October or before.”

While Dream has already purchased a ticket to TwitchCon and prepared for the event by getting partnered with Twitch, whether or not the Dream Team attends depends entirely on when GeorgeNotFound gets to America. The trio will only attend if Dream has a solid amount of time to face reveal and settle in as the trio officially move into the Dream Team house and live together for the first time.

As for how the trio will reveal when these events actually begin to happen, Dream promised fans “will know” and that the Dream Team will give warnings ahead of when the face reveal and meetup officially happen.