Dream deletes his face reveal, returns to wearing a mask ahead of new Minecraft Manhunt

Dream is putting the mask back on...for good?

Popular YouTuber Dream putting his mask back on.
Screenshot via [Dream on YouTube](youtu.be/uvebNBKOSTg)

In a video shared by popular Minecraft creator Dream on June 9, the YouTuber revealed he will be returning to his commitment to remain as anonymous as possible by wearing his iconic mask on camera once again.

The Minecraft superstar shared a short four-minute video where he gave an update regarding some future content, in addition to sharing just why he’ll be donning his mask again—going so far as to delete his original face reveal video from his channel, despite it amassing tens of millions of views.

In the description from his “bye, from Dream” video, Dream stated he “regretted the attention and hate” he has received since his highly anticipated face reveal in Oct. 2022. The video followed Dream as he read through negative comments his face reveal invoked before his friends and fellow content creators GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap entered to agree with all of the hatred and urged him to put the mask back on.

An image of popular YouTuber Dream putting his iconic smile face mask on.
The Minecraft star had a special mask made so he can wear it at all times. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Dream

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“Do everything you do now with the mask on,” Sapnap said to Dream as he and GeorgeNotFound encouraged Dream to return to being a faceless creator once again.

The trio certainly seemed to be acting as they all struggled to keep a straight face throughout the video, but Dream took the decision seriously as he deleted his massive face reveal video from YouTube, removed all pictures he had shared on Twitter—including the first Dream Team picture—and even got rid of all the Instagram photos he’s shared since that featured his face.

In addition to his choice to put the mask back on, Dream also teased that his Minecraft Manhunt series will be back with a sixth hunter sometime soon. This series is some of his most popular content with the “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE” video currently sitting at over 120 million views.

While many are taking Dream’s announcement seriously, it’s highly likely that it is just a bit he’s doing to hype up his upcoming music release and his impending sixth Minecraft Manhunt video. Dream has been working on new music for a while now and his video today even ended with a teaser for his upcoming song.

Dream and GeorgeNotFound teasing the Minecraft Manhunt versus six hunters. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Dream

Retracting his face reveal is likely tied to the messaging and visuals associated with the new song Dream is planning to release. A YouTube short the Minecraft star shared a while ago revealed it will reenact the iconic Technoblade versus Dream duel and that the late streamer’s father, known as Technodad within the community, is also involved with the music video.

Dream is wearing his mask in this teaser and the lyrics that have been shared have been speculated by fans to be possibly honoring his friendly rivalry with Technoblade. The creators didn’t get the chance to meet in person before Technoblade’s passing, so fans have been theorizing Dream’s return to being a masked character ahead of his music release is to properly tell the story of their friendship.

In addition to a teaser for another regular Minecraft Manhunt, Dream has also previously promised there will be a special ‘in-real-life’ installment of his Manhunt series.

The video Dream shared highlighting his return to being a masked creator once more ends with a quick teaser of the date June 23, so fans can expect to find out more about this situation then.

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