All increased spawns, raids, and habitat rotation details for Pokémon Go Fest: Berlin 2022

From a new Ultra Beast to returning favorites.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go Fest is back like it never left, with Niantic hosting various in-person iterations throughout the Summer to keep the Go Fest 2022 festivities rolling for players around the world. 

Go Fest: Berlin will run from July 1 to 3, with gates open from 11am to 6pm local time, giving players a chance to encounter several new Pokémon, enjoy additional boosts, and unlock even more content for future events by completing challenges. 

Throughout the event, players will be able to encounter Pheromosa and Sky Forme Shaymin for the first time via Special Research, while other Pokémon like Rotom Mow and Cowboy Hat Snorlax appear via other methods for the first time. Other spawns will be facilitated through a new habitat rotation, which brings rare Pokémon for players to catch, along with a set of Collection Challenges for each. 

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Players not attending the event in Berlin can also participate with a limited pool of increased Pokémon spawns, a Collection Challenge, and a Global Challenge that could lead to Ultra Unlock bonuses modifying a future set of events with mode content. 

Some elements of Go Fest: Berlin might be hard to track with how much is going on, and most of the content being locked to the in-person event, but here are all of the increased spawns, raids, and habitat details you should know going in. 

All increased Pokémon spawns during Pokémon Go Fest: Berlin 2022

Basic spawns

  • Pikachu (Gracidea) (Shiny available)
  • Snorlax (Cowboy Hat) (Shiny available)
  • Unown (Various) (Shiny available)
  • Rotom (Mow) (Photobombs)

Electric Garden habitat

  • Weedle (Shiny available)
  • Oddish (Shiny available)
  • Alolan Grimer (Shiny available)
  • Hisuian Voltorb
  • Electabuzz (Shiny available)
  • Spinarak (Shiny available)
  • Treecko (Shiny available)
  • Electrike (Shiny available)
  • Combee
  • Blitzle
  • Foongus (Shiny available)
  • Joltik
  • Helioptile

Living Meadow habitat

  • Paras (Shiny available)
  • Bellsprout (Shiny available)
  • Galarian Ponyta (Shiny available)
  • Scyther (Shiny available)
  • Ledyba (Shiny available)
  • Togetic (Shiny available)
  • Marill (Shiny available)
  • Hoppip (Shiny available)
  • Yanma (Shiny available)
  • Wurmple (Shiny available)
  • Roselia (Shiny available)
  • Cherrim 
  • Pansage 
  • Cottonee (Shiny available)
  • Swirlix 

Windy Coast habitat

  • Shellder (Shiny available)
  • Krabby (Shiny available)
  • Omanyte (Shiny available)
  • Kabuto (Shiny available)
  • Aerodactyl (Shiny available)
  • Qwilfish (Shiny available)
  • Mantine (Shiny available)
  • Skarmory (Shiny available)
  • Corphish (Shiny available)
  • Feebas (Shiny available)
  • Clamperl (Shiny available)
  • Panpour
  • Woobat (Shiny available)
  • Alomomola (Shiny available)
  • Rufflet (Shiny available)
  • Binacle (Shiny available)

Molten Rocks habitat

  • Charmander (Shiny available)
  • Geodude (Shiny available)
  • Onix (Shiny available)
  • Magmar (Shiny available)
  • Slugma (Shiny available)
  • Houndour (Shiny available)
  • Numel (Shiny available)
  • Lunatone (Shiny available)
  • Cranidos (Shiny available)
  • Shieldon (Shiny available)
  • Pansear (Shiny available)
  • Roggenrola (Shiny available)
  • Darumaka (Shiny available)

Global tie-in spawns

  • Charmander (Shiny available)
  • Magmar (Shiny available)
  • Slugma (Shiny available)
  • Houndour (Shiny available)
  • Numel (Shiny available)
  • Darumaka (Shiny available)

All event-exclusive raids during Pokémon Go Fest: Berlin 2022

  • One-star raids
    • Pikachu (Gracedia) (Shiny available)
    • Axe (Shiny available)
    • Rockruff (Shiny available)
  • Three-star raids
    • Snorlax (Shiny available)
    • Salamence
    • Druddigon (Shiny available)
    • Dartrix
    • Torracat
    • Brionne
  • Five-star raids
    • Cresselia (Shiny available)
    • Darkrai (Shiny available)