All Pokémon Go Fest: Berlin 2022 Global Challenges and Ultra Unlock bonuses

Participating now will unlock more content later.

Image via Niantic

As Pokémon Go Fest: Berlin begins the next set of Go Fest 2022 events, players around the world can still participate even if they aren’t attending the in-person event. 

Niantic is welcoming the global Pokémon Go community into Go Fest: Berlin with a tie-in event that includes some increased spawns, a Collection Challenge, and a Global Challenge that will task anyone participating with completing one goal. 

Not only do completed Global Challenges give players some additional bonuses for a set duration, usually lasting for whatever the remainder of the event is, but this specific challenge is also tied to Ultra Unlock bonuses. This means that, if players manage to complete whatever Niantic puts before them, special additional modifiers will be added to a future event—along with the regular rewards. 

In the case of Go Fest: Berlin’s Global Challenge, players will need to defeat 15 million Team Go Rocket members before the event ends on July 3, meaning anyone from Grunts to Giovanni himself. Doing so will add modifiers to the upcoming Anniversary and Battle Weekend events, with more details to be announced later if the challenge is completed. 

Players won’t have much to manage when it comes to Global Challenges during Go Fest: Berlin, but here are all of the details you need to know, with additional details being added if Niantic expands things. 

All Global Challenges for Pokémon Go Fest: Berlin 2022

  • Defeat 15,000,000 Team GO Rocket Members
    • Double Stardust for defeating Team Go Rocket members for the remainder of the Global Challenge period
    • Ultra Unlock: Anniversary event 
    • Ultra Unlock: Battle Weekend