All 2022 Pokémon World Championships event-exclusive Research tasks and rewards for Pokémon Go

Don't expect the world, but there are some good bonuses.

Image via Niantic

The 2022 Pokémon World Championships is underway in London, which means the tie-in Pokémon Go event is also live, bringing several pieces of new and returning content, including a special World Championships 2022 Pikachu. 

The event will run from Aug. 18 to 23, meaning it will last slightly longer than the PWC. Players will have access to several rare Pokémon spawns, Special Moves available for certain Pokémon when they evolve, and the return of Zacian and Zamazenta to raids. 

Unfortunately for fans not in attendance, there will be some content locked to in-person areas surrounding ExCeL, namely a Collection Challenge and exclusive Field Research. None of this content will be available for global players, but they are really only missing out on a chance to get Throh, Sawk, and Bouffalant outside of their normal region-locked habitats. 

As for the global tie-in, players will have access for their own Field and Timed Resarch tasks, each giving plenty of rare encounters and rewards.

There is also a code available for players to redeem to grab a PWC t-shirt too if they watch the event live on Twitch or YouTube. 

But, if you are more focused on the actual gameplay of the event, here are all of the Pokemon research tasks and rewards you can get during the event. 

All 2022 Pokémon World Championships Celebration Event Research tasks and rewards

Timed Research

Pokemon World Championships 2022

  • Battle a Challenger
    • 10 Poké Balls
  • Battle two Challengers 
    • One Fast TM
  • Battle three Challengers
    • 10 Great Balls
  • Battle four Challengers
    • One Charged TM
  • Battle five Challengers
    • 10 Ultra Balls

Total Rewards: World Championship 2022 Pikachu encounter, one Elite Fast TM, and one Elite Charged TM

Challengers are special, event-exclusive NPCs that will appear at PokéStops throughout the duration of the event and can be challenged to a battle. 

Field Research

  • Battle in the Go Battle League
    • Galarian Zigzagoon encounter
    • Galarian Stunfisk encounter
  • Power up Pokémon three times
    • Bulbasaur encounter
    • Chikorita encounter
    • Mudkip encounter
  • Power up Pokémon seven times
    • Gastly encounter
    • Ryhorn encounter
    • Magikarp encounter
    • Beldum encounter
    • Fletchling encounter