Vampire Bat Echo skin revealed for tomorrow’s Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 event

"Love at first bite."

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In Overwatch, Echo’s design is rife with opportunity for some amazing skin designs—and this year’s Halloween Terror legendary skin really nails it.

Vampire Bat Echo is the latest skin to be revealed for this year’s seasonal Halloween event. The 2021 iteration already teased Draugr Reinhardt, so this Echo skin confirms at least two new legendaries being added to the game starting tomorrow.

Vampire Bat kits Echo with a creepy, futuristic white, black, and red aesthetic, completing the set with her wings being shaped like bat wings. Her head features bat-like ears and her “face” is within the bat’s open mouth.

Her eyes glow a creepy red, along with her facial projection, as she tosses out her energy projectiles on Eichenwalde in the short teaser. The creepy look for Echo doesn’t match her bubbly A.I. personality, to say the least.

Vampire Bat marks Echo’s seventh legendary skin and the third event skin that’s been added to the game since she debuted in the early months of 2020. She was the last new hero to be added to Overwatch before Overwatch 2 will release.

Halloween Terror 2021 begins tomorrow, Oct. 12, and will run through Nov. 2 on all platforms.