Toronto Esports’ Overwatch squad join Contenders in partnership with Boston Uprising

It's the organization's "strongest roster to date."

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Toronto Esports has teamed up with Overwatch League’s Boston Uprising to participate in Overwatch Contenders.

It’s the team’s second chance to participate in Contenders after the organization failed to qualify for Contenders season one in 2017.

“We’re super excited about entering Contenders with what is out strongest roster to date,” Overwatch coach Sam Bouchard said in a statement. “Our organization has come such a long way and hopefully this big step that we are taking will be a good representation of our hard work and dedication to the Overwatch scene.”

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A few of Toronto’s former players now play for Boston Uprising under the leadership of former Toronto Esports general manager Chris Loranger.

“We’re confident this roster will shatter all expectations just like Boston Uprising did in Overwatch League,” Overwatch esports general manager Tommy Yeung added.

Overwatch Contenders North America is scheduled to begin on March 11. Toronto Esports will take on New York Excelsior’s Contenders roster at 8pm ET. Full rosters for many of the Contenders teams have not been revealed just yet, Toronto included. Complete rosters are expected to be announced by Feb. 20.

Blizzard has expanded Overwatch Contenders to seven regions, five more regions than the first two seasons in 2017.