Sporty new Zarya skin gives a whole new meaning to ‘climbing’ the Overwatch 2 ladder

Her strength knows no bounds.

Zarya fires a purple beam from her weapon, wearing a sweat band to keep up her pink hair.

The Overwatch League has no shortage of cosmetic offerings for players that want to support Overwatch 2’s professional scene by repping teams in-game, but on April 25, Blizzard added a skin to the OWL shop that will have players ready to climb.

Zarya is almost always graced with the sportiest skin in the game, and this one is no different. While the Russian is known for being one of the world’s strongest women, she doesn’t necessarily have the build one would expect from a rock climber, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping her.

Zarya’s new Rock Climber skin comes complete with a climbing harness, some quick draws, and of course, a chalk bag. Naturally, she has her hair put up and is wearing a headband to keep her face clear of any messiness while she’s crushing rock climbs and her enemies’ elo.

While the outfit doesn’t come across as anything especially outstanding, her Particle Cannon is what makes the skin something special. Instead of simply matching her outfit, Blizzard transformed the weapon to make it resemble a Walltopia gym climbing wall with brightly colored rock climbing holds on it.

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The skin was added to the OWL tab in the Overwatch 2 shop, and it can be purchased as a part of a bundle for 300 OWL tokens. The bundle includes the Legendary Rock Climber skin, a Rock Climber name card, and a “Hit the Crag” voiceline.

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