All new shop skins coming to Overwatch 2 in season 4

Go give your favorite heroes a new look.

Screengrab via Overwatch on YouTube

Another season of Overwatch 2 means there will be even more skins that players are able to purchase within the in-game store, with even more being added as the season progresses.

Today’s season four overview trailer provided players with a brief look at what they can expect in the upcoming season, which is set to begin on April 11. Among the new additions to the game are the newest hero, Lifeweaver, as well as a handful of seasonal events and new cosmetics that can both be earned and purchased by players directly.

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Like in previous seasons, many of the skins being added to the game this time around continue the theme of the battle pass, which appears to be based on fairytales, toys, and fantasy. While some can be earned via the battle pass, like the new Mythic skin Galactic Emperor Sigma, others must be purchased directly from the shop with Overwatch Coins, which are mostly obtained through purchase using real money.

Here are the skins expected to join the shop throughout Overwatch 2 season four, with their exact release dates not yet known. The names of these skins have not yet been revealed, but this article will be updated as that information becomes available.

What are the new shop skins in Overwatch 2 season four?

The first purchasable skin shown in the overview teaser trailer was Zenyatta seemingly dressed as Pinnochio, complete with a long nose that may even grow to match the plot of the fairytale.

Reinhardt was shown in a new skin made entirely out of cardboard, including his mask.

While Widowmaker’s new skin was harder to see due to being in the background of the heroes, it appears to be based on a jester, complete with crimson and black patterns and white face paint.

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Junkrat and Roadhog have gone complete Omnic mode in their new skins. Both of them now wear Omnic masks and a suit of robotic armor that is much better suited for battle than their original attire.

The final skin shown in this reveal was for Lifeweaver, giving him a rather fancy suit and hat. The wings on the machine he wears on his back also appear to be based on a raven’s feathers.

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