Overwatch to offer free trial period beginning today

New players can make progress that will carry over if they choose to keep grinding.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’ve been begging your friends to join you in the chaos of Mystery Heroes over the holidays, Overwatch has a plan to get them on board. 

From Dec. 20 to Jan. 2, Overwatch will host a free trial period where new players can jump directly into the action and make progress that will carry over if they choose to purchase the game. 

The free trial period applies to new players on PC with a Battle.net account, PlayStation players with a PlayStation Plus membership, and Xbox players with an Xbox Live Gold membership. Nintendo Switch is not included in this free trial period. 

Overwatch also has crossplay enabled, so friends on consoles and PC can play together in quick play and arcade modes. 

Free trial players won’t have many restrictions and can get right into the action, playing any of the game’s 32 heroes in quick play, arcade, and custom game modes. Competitive play will not be accessible for free trial players. 

Additionally, any progress new players make during the free trial will carry over to a full account as long as Overwatch is purchased on the same account. For example, if a free trial player gets to level 18 during the promotion, they won’t have to start back at level one if they purchase the full game on that account. 

Trial players will also get to enjoy the Winter Wonderland event, which runs until Jan. 6.