Overwatch reveals Bastion’s Brick Challenge

Build up a new Bastion skin with this limited-time challenge.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Are you ready for another challenge, Overwatch players? Bastion’s Brick Challenge is a limited-time event that offers a new Legendary skin for everyone’s favorite turret bot. Players can earn rewards by winning games in Overwatch through Sept. 30.

The challenge’s main reward is a Legendary skin for Bastion, which shows the omnic reimagined as a Lego figure. Bastion is built in primary colors of yellow, blue, and red. Even the robot’s bird companion, Ganymede, is made of Lego bricks.

To unlock the skin, players must win nine games of Overwatch by Sept. 30. These games can be in quick play, competitive mode, or arcade modes. Along the way, players will unlock more rewards. Two new player icons of Bastion and Ganymede are unlocked at three wins. Two sprays of Pharah and Mercy will be awarded at six wins.

Fans can also unlock seven exclusive sprays that show Overwatch heroes as Lego figurines by watching partnered streamers during the event. New sprays will be earned at two, four, and six hours of watch time. These sprays imagine Hanzo and Genji as Lego figurines and transform their ultimates into brick art.

This event operates in the same way as previous challenges in Overwatch, like Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge. Many times, challenges are tied to lore or big updates within the game. Could this be a sign that Lego’s partnership with Overwatch is ramping up for the holiday season?