Overwatch 2 players can finally get their hands on the most ridiculous hero skin of all time

That is quite the outfit.

Blizzard teased an abundance of new events and cosmetics during the Overwatch 2 season four trailer prior to the season’s start last month, but one cosmetic stood out above all others as a true fan favorite.

And today, players can finally purchase that skin in the Overwatch 2 shop. Cardboard Reinhardt may have found a home in the hearts of fans last month, but now the Legendary skin is available for players to use in the game.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Looking exactly like what you would expect out of a 5-year-old’s attempts to make a Reinhardt cosplay, Cardboard Reinhardt is equal parts glorious and ridiculous, and for 2,000 OW coins players can get the skin as part of a new bundle that is only in the shop this week.

The skin comes complete with perhaps the goofiest, most childish drawing of a lion on the center chest piece. However, Rein’s left arm, where his Barrier Field comes from, has some quality cardboard artwork that would make any mother and father proud of their kid’s creativity.

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The Cardboard Reinhardt bundle includes three items. Along with the world’s silliest Legendary skin, players will get the “A thousand ships?” voiceline and a Crayon Art name card. The Crayon Art name card depicts a child-like drawing of Reinhardt and his hammer using—you guessed it—crayons.

Blizzard added this skin to the shop this afternoon, and it will remain in the shop until the next weekly shop reset next Tuesday around 1pm CT. At that point, the skin will be vaulted for the foreseeable future.

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