This classic Overwatch hero has the most hysterically nonsensical skin coming in season 4

Not sure how well that armor is going to hold up...

Screengrab via Overwatch on YouTube

Reinhardt is one of the most beloved heroes in Overwatch’s history. As a boisterous tank hero, his shield and hammer have guided countless teams to victory, and his in-game skins almost always accentuate his power through depictions of heavy-plated armor.

But coming in season four, players will get perhaps the most creative parody-inspired aesthetic we’ve ever seen for the enormous German juggernaut. In Overwatch 2’s season four trailer this week, Blizzard teased a new skin for Reinhardt that replaces all of his heavy metal armor with one of the most flimsy alternatives possible—cardboard.

That’s right, Cardboard Reinhardt is on the way, and based on social media response following the season four trailer premiere, players are here for it.

The skin itself was not included in the most recent test server build that content creators have access to, so all we have to go off of right now is the season four trailer video on YouTube. During the video, there are two scenes that give players a decent look at the skin. One of them includes Cardboard Rein leading the charge at the choke on the first point of Eichenwalde.

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The second appearance is more of a close-up with a Reinhardt highlight intro that uses the Cardboard skin. It is unclear what rarity the skin will be or if it will indeed be called “Cardboard,” but it seems that is likely the case. The only thing we know for sure at this point is that the skin will be a for-purchase cosmetic. 

Blizzard’s trailer specifically indicates that the skin will be available in the shop, and with it being in the trailer for season four, players should expect to see it as a part of the weekly shop bundle rotation sometime between April 11 and around mid-June when season four is expected to end.


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