These are all of the Overwatch 2 season 4 battle pass skins

Enjoy the "Space Opera."

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Overwatch 2 has numerous different types of in-game cosmetics, but skins always stand out as the most important and noticeable way for players to show a little bit of personality. They’re the first thing your allies see when you load into spawn, and they’re the last thing your enemy sees when you eliminate them.

The seasonal battle pass in Overwatch 2 has served as the best way for players to get their hands on new skins in the game after it moved from the loot box system it had in the original game.

With the start of season four today, players have an opportunity to earn nine skins in total from the battle pass, and the seasonal battle pass is highlighted by a Mythic rarity Galactic Emperor skin for Sigma.

Given Sigma’s affinity for music and career as an astrophysicist, Blizzard has deemed the season four battle pass theme to be “Space Opera,” and many of the skins have a galactic or intergalactic theme to them.

Just by purchasing the premium battle pass players will earn a Space Prince Lúcio Legendary skin. From there, skins will be earned at every tenth level including two Epics. The rest will be Legendary, except for the Mythic Sigma skin.

Overwatch 2 season four battle pass skins

  • Lúcio – Legendary – Space Prince (level one)
  • Bastion – Epic – Infinite Annihilator (level 10)
  • Winston – Legendary – Extraterrestrial (level 20)
  • Lifeweaver – Legendary – Phi Ta Khon (level 30)
  • Hanzo – Legendary – Festival (level 40)
  • Ashe – Legendary – Intergalactic Smuggler (level 50)
  • Doomfist – Legendary – Bonebreaker (level 60)
  • Mercy – Epic – Infinite Seer (level 70)
  • Sigma – Mythic – Galactic Emperor (level 80)

Mythic Galactic Emperor Sigma customization options

The Mythic Galactic Emperor skin for Sigma has four different areas of customization, as has been the case for all three of the other Overwatch 2 Mythic skins so far. His customization categories are Weapon, Helmet, Armor, and Color.

The Galactic Emperor weapon options include a spiked and another that is more rounded. His helmet options include an admiral-style hat with an eye patch, Caesar-like civic crown, and a more traditional Imperial crown.

Screengrab via Overwatch 2

The Armor options largely change his shoulder aesthetic and include a wing-tipped option as well as a spiked option. Lastly, the color themes include a regal black and purple option, a gray and blue-green that will have you looking like Mr. Freeze, and a tan and brown variant.

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