New Overwatch short story about Baptiste released

"What You Left Behind" delves into the combat medic's past and solves a few mysteries.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

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Overwatch‘s newest hero, Baptiste, got his own short story with the release of “What You Left Behind,” a dive into the combat medic’s past. Fans will get to learn a little bit more about Jean-Baptiste Augustin and why he decided to defect from Talon, the criminal organization of the Overwatch universe.

The story, written by Alyssa Wong, is full of colorful imagery describing Baptiste’s homeland of Port-de-Paix, Haiti. In “What You Left Behind,” Baptiste has returned home to help members of his community in a clinic run by a childhood friend. While he aches to remain home and use his skills for good, he can never stay in one place for long: Talon always catches up to him.

Lured in by the chance to help his community, Baptiste is dragged into a mission by two ghosts from his past. No mission ever goes as planned in this universe, and Baptiste is forced to think quickly to make it out alive. A few quick mentions of other Overwatch heroes solidify Baptiste’s place in the lore of the game. Fans will have a lot to look forward to if this story line continues.

This short story also solves a mystery that teased Baptiste’s introduction to the game. Shortly before the combat medic was announced as Overwatch‘s 30th hero, a leaked log from a Talon commander was posted on social media.

The log from commander C. Cuerva details a failed attempt to capture Baptiste after the latter defected from Talon. “What You Left Behind” gives a clear, tragic answer as to why Baptiste defected and the effects it has on him to this day.

“What You Left Behind” is a full 20 pages—Blizzard is making Overwatch fans read today. The story is supplemented with stunning art by Arnold Tsang that may hint at a few new possible skins for Baptiste in the future.