Flying Ace Winston London Spitfire OWL Championship skin now available

Celebrate the season one champs in style.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Overwatch’s first Championship skin has hit the live servers and fans of the game can now pick up the pilot-themed Flying Ace Winston skin to commemorate the London Spitfire’s victory in the league’s inaugural season.

Winston’s Flying Ace skin dresses the tank hero in an orange and baby blue pilot’s outfit. He wears a pair of brown leather gloves and a navy-blue aviator hat, and a tiny pair of sunshades rest on his face. The gorilla’s jacket boasts the London Spitfire emblem, which lies beneath a tiny golden star to symbolize the European team’s victory over the Philadelphia Fusion in the season one grand finals.

The skin also serves as an homage to British Spitfire pilots who flew in World War II. Winston’s lush mustache symbolizes the popular style choice found frequently on pilots during the time period and the tank hero’s Spitfire-inspired jets resemble those that took to the skies during the war.

To add the skin to their collection, players will need to venture into the Overwatch League tab from the game’s main menu and purchase the skin for 200 tokens. Fans can earn three tokens for every hour of live Overwatch League matches they watch on Twitch. Viewers also have a chance to earn 100 tokens after each match.

The London Spitfire will play in the season two play-in tournament this weekend for one of two final spots in the league’s playoffs. The defending champions will face the winner of the lowest remaining seed from round one of the playoffs on Saturday, Aug. 31.