Leaked Blizzard art print reveals Echo alongside Overwatch cast

Spoiler alert.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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BlizzCon may still be a few days out, but Blizzard Entertainment seems to have accidentally spoiled one of its major Overwatch reveals early.

An art print briefly appeared on Blizzard’s official Gear store featuring Overwatch’s cast—but fans quickly realized this wasn’t the usual group of heroes. Echo can be seen in the background of the print fighting alongside Overwatch characters, which seems to confirm recent leaks of her arrival as the franchise’s next hero.

The image features six Overwatch characters, including Genji, Winston, and Mercy, charging forward underneath a hail of crossfire. Echo flies just behind the crew with what appears to be a set of extendable wings as she fires blue beams from her hand.

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Shortly after the print’s arrival in the merchandise store, Blizzard removed the item from the website. Before the developer could do so, however, quick-fingered fans copied the link and took screengrabs of the print.

Echo’s inclusion in the print lines up with a recent report from ESPN that suggests the omnic hero will be revealed as the franchise’s next playable character. Her reveal will reportedly take place at BlizzCon 2019 alongside the announcement of Overwatch 2, a story-driven sequel to the first-person shooter.

The omnic hero first appeared in McCree’s animated short titled Reunion at last year’s BlizzCon. In the video, the cowboy saves Echo from the clutches of Ashe and her gang of rebels, sending her off to the safety of Overwatch. Following the video’s release, many fans crossed their fingers in hopes that Echo would join the first-person shooter as the next hero, but it was later revealed as Ashe instead.

BlizzCon 2019 kicks off on Nov. 1, so fans should expect more information to be revealed later in the week.