Latest Overwatch live patch removes Horizon Lunar Colony and Paris from quick play

An annoying mic issue and ban list bug should also be cleared up.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re one of the thousands of players who have immediately bailed on a match of Overwatch quick play after seeing “Paris” pop up on your screen, today’s live patch is catered directly to you.  

The small-but-mighty March 15 live patch brings the Shanghai Dragons’ championship skin, Zhulong Sombra, to players and focuses on bug fixes. While these fixes are normally not noticeable, this specific patch is tackling some of the game’s most irritating issues and removing some of its least-appreciated content.  

Two Assault maps, Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony, have been removed from quick play in this patch. The two maps have been out of the competitive mode rotation since late 2019 and, at the time, developers promised reworks to improve their competitive integrity. Overwatch 2 will remove Assault maps altogether and replace them with Push, though, so the developers might just be getting ahead of the wave. 

Other bug fixes solve small, irritating problems like the resolution of the Overwatch Contenders logo on Contenders skins. On certain skins, the logo was incredibly pixelated, but this patch should solve that issue. Another common bug that spams “ban list is full” in the chat window will be fixed in this March 15 patch. 

This live patch also fixes “a bug on PC that caused microphone sound distortion,“ according to the developer notes. For many weeks, PC players have dealt with occasional peaking sound in voice chat, which was most noticeable at higher levels of competitive play. This change should reduce the amount of muting you have to do while watching your favorite Overwatch streamers.