Shanghai Dragons’ Overwatch League championship skin, Zhulong Sombra, is now on sale 

The limited-time skin is straight fire.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In 2021, the Shanghai Dragons celebrated a historic Overwatch League championship win, capping off one of the most impressive redemption arcs in the Overwatch base game era. Before the league moves to Overwatch 2 in May, the Dragons are sharing a little extra sparkle with fans. 

Shanghai’s 2021 championship skin, Zhulong Sombra, is now available for 200 Overwatch League tokens. It will only be purchasable for a limited period, from March 15 to 28. 

The skin turns Sombra into a fiery, golden representation of a dragon. Her usual sleek purple outfit has been replaced with red dragon scales, sparkling golden horns, and a collar that’s been set alight. A backless top reveals the large Shanghai Dragons tattoo, bringing together the dragon theme with the team itself.

Inspired by ancient depictions of Chinese dragons, lead concept artist David Kang worked deeply with references and localization to create the “torch dragon” motif of the skin. 

“We really wanted to hone in on features such as the horns on the crown and the eyebrows and whiskers on the dragon to pay homage to the Shanghai Dragons and Chinese culture,” Kang said in an Overwatch League article

The skin also pays homage to Lee “LIP” Jae-won’s Sombra play, which was a key part of the Dragons’ dominant 2021 season and eventual championship win. The hero has become a signature of both the team and the player’s career. It’s only fitting, then, that the sneaky hacker gets Shanghai’s signature skin. 

The sleek skin is available for 200 Overwatch League tokens in the Overwatch client. If you didn’t rack up enough tokens from watching league games throughout the 2021 season, 100 tokens can be purchased for $5. Overwatch League teams—especially the Shanghai Dragons—will also likely be handing out codes for tokens on social media, so stay tuned to Twitter or Instagram to try your luck at giveaways.