Gargoyle Winston is a Legendary skin coming for the Overwatch Anniversary 2019

Our favorite scientist is now made of stone and magma.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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A new Winston skin has been revealed for the 2019 Overwatch Anniversary event.

Gargoyle Winston will be the character’s Legendary skin that’s set to be released tomorrow when the Anniversary event starts. It’s the second character skin revealed for the event following Academy D.Va.

“WinSTONE checking in,” Blizzard said. “Protect the payload as Gargoyle Winston!”

Winston’s new skin makes him look like a huge creature made of stone and molten lava. The propulsors on his back became bone wings, which is the same material his armor is made from. His gun also received a makeover to look like some rare antique object. Two horns appear on his forehead and one of them is broken in half.

If this year’s Overwatch Anniversary events follows the same pattern of the last two years, fans will be able to buy all the skins released in previous events. Skins released since the last Anniversary event might cost more than usual, while the others should cost the standard price. Anniversary loot boxes will also let players open these skins.

Special game modes from previous events are coming back as well, most likely rotating daily or weekly. Mei’s Snowball Offensive and story modes from Overwatch Archives and Junkenstein’s Revenge might be included in the rotation.

The Overwatch Anniversary 2019 event starts tomorrow and goes on until June 10. Fans should also expect a small patch tomorrow with hero updates and the release of the Overwatch Workshop on the live servers.