Florida Mayhem pick up Rain

The main support is the latest addition to a quickly-changing roster.

Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

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Get ready to weather a lot of puns for this addition. The Florida Mayhem added main support Park “RaiN” Jae-ho to its roster today. This signing comes two weeks into the third stage of the Overwatch League season.

RaiN most recently played for Overwatch Contenders Korea team O2 Blast. The team came in second place after falling to Element Mystic in the most recent season of Contenders Korea. In addition, O2 Blast competed at the Overwatch Contenders Pacific Showdown.

RaiN will likely be a main support substitute for current starting support Choi “Kris” Jun-soo. The Florida Mayhem have been overhauling their roster as of late, adding former Los Angeles Valiant main tank Koo “Fate” Pan-seung and former NRG Esports flex support Lee “Byrem” Seong-ju before the third stage began.

The organization hasn’t been shy about its intentions to rework the team into an all-Korean roster. A restructure has been necessary for the Mayhem, who are ranked dead last in the Overwatch League standings. They’ve won one match so far this season, but they hope a new roster will eventually translate to success.

This week, the Florida Mayhem play the San Francisco Shock on June 21 at 7:45pm CT and the Houston Outlaws on June 23 at 5:30pm CT.